Residents divided on Ekka public holiday. Redland City Council calls for a vote.

EKKA: Redland City Council is asking residents to vote on this year's public holdiay.
EKKA: Redland City Council is asking residents to vote on this year's public holdiay.

REDLANDERS are being asked to decide on the date of this year's Ekka holiday, with residents divided on whether the holiday should be moved to align with Brisbane.

Redland City Council is running an online poll to help decide what date council should ask the state government to gazette as the Redlands holiday.

The move follows state government approval for Brisbane City Council to move their Wednesday holiday to Friday, August 14.

The council poll asks residents if they would prefer to keep the holiday on Monday or move it to the same Friday as Brisbane.

Mayor Karen Williams said either way, the Redlands would have a long weekend, but the decision would have flow-on effects for tourism and local businesses, as well as families with members working in different council areas.

"As with Brisbane, the change will be a one-off, but we want to give our residents a chance to voice a preference."

Cr Williams said whatever the outcome, the change of the Brisbane holiday would provide an opportunity for local businesses to leverage tourism opportunities.

On Facebook, Redlanders were divided on the issue.

Mark Farmer said local businesses would benefit from having two public holidays.

"Crowds will be lower, allowing for vendors to have two opportunities to have people interact with them," he said.

"I've worked in Brisbane and lived in Redlands for many years. I've always had a different public holiday to my wife ... and the rest of the family.

"(Shifting) Brisbane only to Friday makes zero difference for a Redlands resident, and greatly improves the Redlands economy."

Megan Eskdale said a Monday holiday would be better for businesses and residents who already had plans.

"For us it is an extra day to catch up on schoolwork or housework or relax at home," she said.

Lea Hanrahan said the holiday should be moved to Friday so families working in different regions could have the same holiday.

Kristy Baxter agreed, saying there were many Redlands families split every year by the different holidays.

"If you truly want tourism spending you need to ensure all families have the same day off, otherwise they have no option to go away for a long weekend and spend some tourism dollars," she said.

"We will definitely go away if we all have a holiday on Friday but if our holiday is different to the kids we will have no option to go away."

Melissa Conway said it would have made more sense for Brisbane to align its holiday with other councils, including Redlands, Logan and Moreton Bay which had their holidays on Monday.

About 70 per cent of voters on a Redland City Bulletin poll wanted the holiday changed to Friday.

To vote on the Ekka public holiday, visit or