STAR Community Service delivers groceries and medication to vulnerable Redlands residents

STAR volunteer, Christine Wall chats to Marjorie Collins.
STAR volunteer, Christine Wall chats to Marjorie Collins.

STAR Community Service, supported by the Redland City Council COVID-19 Community Organisations Support Grant, is delivering groceries and medication to vulnerable members of the Redlands community.

In a streamlined system, the groceries and medication are paid for by the resident and then delivered to their home for free.

Sadly, there were many elderly and people with disabilities who could not access these necessities and their situation was made worse by having to be isolated due to COVID-19.

"We want our elderly and vulnerable community members to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy," general manager of STAR Patsy Wilshire said.

STAR is working with several local chemists so scripts can be submitted to the pharmacist and a STAR driver can deliver the medication to the patient's home.

A similar service is being offered for food delivery. STAR can assist vulnerable people with home delivery for their groceries.

Call and they can help you place your order and make payment over the phone. A driver will then deliver them to the vulnerable person's home.

STAR had 73 vehicles that were being utilised in the community.

Ms Wilshire said the care and safety of the most vulnerable in the community was the highest priority.

"All of our drivers go through a strict screening process to reduce unnecessary risk to vulnerable people in our community. This is not a quick process, it can take weeks, especially with a National Police Check. Our volunteers are trusted and have completed specific training to enable them to work within workplace health and safety requirements," she said.

Call STAR on 3821 6699 for more information.