Honks for drive in concert

Clapping was replaced with blasts of the horn as people showed their appreciation for musicians performing at a Drive In concert, staged at Cleveland showgrounds on July 10.

Car loads could sit inside or outside their cars, maintaining distance from other cars and enjoy the music of Masters of Pop, The Soul Movers and Russell Morris.

With members of bands from Sherbert to 1927, Masters of Pop dished out the big hits before returning with Russell Morris for even more.

Organiser Michael (China) Walker described the event as a huge success.

"With the change of date, we dropped some numbers. When we organised this, it was the only gig in town. I measure success by people's enjoyment and the respect of my peers, so I'm happy as a pig in mud," he said.

Mr Walker said he was keen to take the show on the road and had already had meetings with regional centres where he could deliver some programing.

"I realise that I haven't just organised a concert, I have created a venue as well," he said.

"The virus has tipped the table and when that table gets put back up, it won't be in the same place. We have learned how to do things differently and this idea is quirky enough that it might continue," he said.