Redland City Council supports COVID-19 urban planning flexibility - not unintended legacies

Council supports COVID-19 urban planning flexibility

REDLAND City Council will not opt into state government COVID-19 planning regulation changes, for now, saying the City Plan already aligned with the majority of proposed changes.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said council fully supported the need to facilitate flexible support for businesses, jobs and economic growth in response to impacts of the pandemic.

"Responses to COVID-19 need to help support business innovation, improved processes and help them to adapt and invest for long term futures.

"Good planning will facilitate this, and the Redland City Plan already aligns well the majority of changes proposed by the state. Where it doesn't, it has been a deliberate decision to encourage appropriate planning uses and outcomes," she said.

She said some of the planning concessions proposed by the state may result in permanent unintended planning outcomes for the city.

Examples included allowing specific non-industrial uses to establish in existing tenancies in industrial zones without the need for planning approval or expanding gross floor area of specific existing uses by up to 10 per cent or 100m2.

"Expanding floor areas without assessing the impacts may end up permanently reducing the number of parking spaces provided, thus affecting adjoining businesses, or impact site landscaping.

"Proposed changes in uses allowed in an industrial zone that do not need to locate in these areas, will reduce suitable land set aside for future industry.

Cr Williams said councils submission to the state would acknowledge minor and helpful changes while calling for more detail on some parts of the proposed changes.

She said council had received positive responses to its COVID-19 Business Support Grant and Innovation grants for Redlands Coast businesses.

"We will continue to work closely with business and new investors to the Redlands Coast to make sure there are no unnecessary impediments, including through city planning," Cr Williams said.