SURVEY: Are you planning an investment that will create jobs in the Redlands? Redland Coast Chamber of Commerce want to hear from you

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young.

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young.

REDLANDS Coast Chamber of Commerce and the regional jobs committee have launched an industry and community survey.

The survey aims to gain information about upcoming economic investments and pipeline projects that will create jobs within the Redlands.

Chamber president Rebecca Young said the survey would help the chamber and the regional jobs committee gain an understanding of the Redlands project pipeline and what jobs are up and coming in the area.

"If you are planning an investment that will create jobs in the Redlands over the coming years, whether it is already approved or just at the ideas stage we want to hear about it," she said.

The information gathered through the survey will be collated to understand the city's project and infrastructure pipeline, identify how these opportunities can be leveraged to support new or expanding businesses. It will also give the chamber and idea of what talent pool Redland City will need to support these projects.

The survey is a flagship initiative called Championing Redlands Coast and is open until August 24.

Access the survey HERE.

The chamber through the CRC initiative was already aware of a number of new businesses, initiatives and projects which had the potential to attract investment, new residents, employment opportunities and improve lifestyles within the region.

CRC project manager, Rhett Bowlen said there was a tendency to look at projects and initiatives in isolation without understanding how they fit within the vision for the city as a whole.

"The chamber is excited to be working to support the confidence in, and growth of, our city by creating a Redlands Coast vision, showcasing the potential of the region, whilst providing some certainty for local businesses, investors and the community that will assist with future conversations, decision making, investment and development of the city; creating a narrative that brings together a future vision for the Redlands Coast," he said.

Ms Young said the project was about identifying opportunities with a focus of creating and sustaining local jobs and ensuring residents were skilled and ready to take on the upcoming employment opportunities.