Letters to the editor

King Island at Wellington Point. Photo: Angela Kelly
King Island at Wellington Point. Photo: Angela Kelly

Toondah to deliver jobs

Ms Claire Richardson, an independent candidate for Oodgeroo, continues her opposition to the Toondah Harbour redevelopment proposal.

This is despite the project, if approved, promising to deliver 1000 jobs annually during its 15 to 20 year construction, and more than 500 new jobs every year in tourism.

Ms Richardson's election ad in theRCB says she will "upgrade Toondah Harbour terminal now", but she offers no plan or secured funding to make this expensive project a reality.

Ms Richardson ignores the fact that the small harbour and the long, narrow channel also need to be upgraded, and that this cannot happen without the vital private sector investment by Walker Corporation.

To ensure the port upgrades do not have to be publicly funded, we have committed more than $160 million to create a world class ferry terminal and marina, including port upgrades to ensure all of the harbour infrastructure is delivered.

For families that funding also means a Southbank-style swimming lagoon, conservation areas, waterfront retail and shopping, kilometres of waterfront pathways and foreshore parklands with views to the islands, mixed used housing, and a hotel and convention centre.

Ms Richardson says in her ad that she wants to bring respect back to politics.

With the upcoming state election, we think respect can be achieved if all candidates focus on facts when they talk Toondah.

- D. Hayes, Walker comms manager

Move tourist park

Redland City Council is considering having a tourist park to boost tourism. Hooray. But at Alexandra Hills? Boo.

Why at Alexandra Hills when most, if not all, tourists want to visit North Stradbroke Island? There is an alternative site for a small tourist village closer to the ferry at the end of Waterloo Street near the showgrounds in the touch football area. This area is under-utilised most of the year.

Not only would a short term tourist park attract tourists but it would boost Cleveland shopping precinct which is within walking distance. A park would give another employment opportunity. Caravaners will be attracted if they can have a secure park in which to stay while visiting Stradbroke, especially if the park had a ferry shuttle bus.

L. Sorrell, Cleveland

AFL deal stupid

The decision to hold the AFL grand final in Brisbane is breath-taking in its stupidity, arrogance, and inability to learn from Victoria's fatal mistakes. The repercussions are more than likely to be dire.

It could not be all about dollars, could it, with TV channels paying millions for broadcasting rights?

And the action of the AFL in bringing hundreds of Victorians, including children, just to make the announcement simply highlights the lack of thought and awareness going into the process. Common sense is indeed an extremely uncommon thing.

I wonder what the Queensland chief health officer, the normally level-headed and cautious Dr Jeannette Young, says of it.

- L. Watson, Redland Bay

Put Redlands in bubble

Why cannot the Redlands be included in the border bubble Zone? This is having a huge impact, mentally and financially on citizens in this area.

- K. Harris, Redlands

Hearing dogs but not council

I would like to thank you for publishing the letter I wrote regarding the barking dogs that are rife in Redlands.

There has been a response from the public and several letters have been posted. I have written to our local radio station BayFM and am hopeful of them doing something to bring more attention to this problem that intrudes on so many lives.

We are living in different times and our homes are our sanctuaries. Peace and quiet should be pleasure not a privilege.

I have nearly completed my second dog noise diary for the same property having not heard from the Redland City Council after the first I returned a few weeks back.

Yes the dogs are still barking. Let's get things going to get a better, quieter lifestyle in the Redlands.

- J. Penny, Thornlands

Poor old Gonzo

I would like to express my best wishes to the lady who wrote about her little dog Gonzo being killed by a loose dog. I was so upset I shed tears. The poor little thing.

I've had dogs all of my life and I know what it's like to lose one, but not like this.

If it's some comfort to you, I believe there is a special place in heaven for our animals and we will see them again. I hope one day you can love another puppy.

- Name withheld, Victoria Point

Skating rink needed

We have got back into roller skating after many years and forgot how much fun it was. Going to Rollercade. Now with the grandkids we are teaching them and loving it.

It's unfortunate we no longer have a rink and have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest one. We have formed a group on Facebook, Skaters by the Bay, and meet at the new Waterline Park, Brisbane.

We would just love an outdoor massive smooth concrete slab in the Redlands. I am not alone on this subject.

Thanks to Cr Paul Golle for forwarding my email to the parks and recreation team. Surely we have enough open spaces, parks or an old building that we could use. Certainly I do not need any more developments anywhere soon.

Skating brings fun, families, friends and a good old time back. C'mon who's with me?

- S. Grieve, Thornlands