Making a confident leap to big school

Progression: Early learning at Rose Rainbow builds the dispositions for future learning so children transition to school easily and flourish.
Progression: Early learning at Rose Rainbow builds the dispositions for future learning so children transition to school easily and flourish.

Starting school is a significant milestone in a child's life.

The decision about when a child is ready to start prep is extremely important and should be made in the child's best interests to enable a positive and successful start to school.

Supporting children to successfully transition to prep helps foster their enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Children learn through play, especially role play, which encourages them to talk, listen, sing and chant.

They take on different roles, make up stories, read books and write lists as they explore the functions and tools of literacy.

Children are naturally curious and use their imaginations to wonder, create and explore.

Children enjoy playing school, dressing up in uniforms, reading information books, an alphabet frieze, exercise books, writing with pencils and so on.

Teachers join in children's play and encourage children to role-play writing their full name, learning their telephone number and address.

Self-help skills are important for packing their bag, using the bathroom and eating lunch from their lunchbox on their lap.

Children need to be able to sustain focused attention before embarking on formal learning.

Children's play can extend their thinking and talking, as well as opportunities for reading and writing.

Teachers extend children's play and language that occurs in role-play, for example, a café, hospital, office, by encouraging children to take on roles and interact as they solve problems together.

Early writing involves children putting scribbles, dots and lines on paper with pens and pencils.

Through experiencing writing in their everyday lives, children start to draw letter-like forms and display an increasing understanding of the alphabet and letter-sound representations, or phonics.

Children inventing their own spelling demonstrates their evolving understandings of sounds in speech.

Reading and writing develop together and are closely linked in terms of children's understandings and young children usually enjoy hearing storybooks and 're-reading' the story.

They are developing a sense of story and story structure, and language conventions.

Teachers share storybooks with children to expose them to narratives, information books, new vocabulary and increase their awareness that print conveys meaning.

Rose Rainbow Preschool and Kindergarten offers early learning and care from birth to school age with an Exceeding the National Quality standard rating.

It offers a Queensland Government approved and funded kindergarten program, led by two teachers and educators with primary and early years' experience.

Children can go on transition visits with their teachers and peers to the local primary school.

The experience of big school builds children's confidence and excitement as they meet teachers, visit the classrooms, library and tuck-shop and play with their big school buddies.