Toondah in focus for Oodgeroo Greens candidate Ian Mazlin

TOONDAH IN FOCUS: Oodgeroo Greens candidate Ian Mazlin says the Toondah Harbour development should not have been considered.
TOONDAH IN FOCUS: Oodgeroo Greens candidate Ian Mazlin says the Toondah Harbour development should not have been considered.

REDLANDS environmental volunteer and former medical scientist Ian Mazlin will run as the Greens candidate for Oodgeroo in October's state election.

Mr Mazlin said he had moved to the Redlands 25 years ago with his wife and young son.

Now retired, he spent most of his working life as a medical scientist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

He has been involved with Bushcare, as well as citizen science mangrove and seagrass groups, and until recently was the convenor of the Redlands Greens.

Mr Mazlin said the unique natural environment had attracted him to the Redlands but overdevelopment was threatening plants and wildlife.

"When we first arrived we enjoyed the unique Redlands environment and we marvelled at seeing koalas, wallabies and even the occasional roo," he said.

"I am standing for the seat of Oodgeroo because I am tired of seeing big corporations, aided and abetted by the two major parties ignoring the wishes of and trampling the rights of Redlanders who wish to live and raise their families in this beautiful part of the world."

He said the proposed Toondah Harbour development defied belief.

"This proposal should never have been considered," he said.

"The major parties say they are waiting for the science but numerous scientific experts have let no doubt as to the effects of this proposed destruction.

"Redlanders know that we don't have the infrastructure in place to cope with what is proposed and that the Cleveland CBD small businesses would be badly affected."

As well as opposing the Toondah Harbour development, Mr Mazlin said he would support Greens Maiwar MP Michael Berkman's free public transport initiative.

"Jobs can be created by investing in renewables both on an individual business scale and a larger but still local scale," he said.

"We would make developers pay for public services and infrastructure we all need.

"We would ban donations to political parties from for-profit corporations like property developers, financial institutions, gambling and fossil fuel corporations, ban cash-for-access meetings with government ministers and MPs, and give Queensland's corruption watchdog ... real power.

"I believe that all Queenslanders ultimately want a fair society, healthy economy and a clean environment."

Mr Mazlin will take on Labor candidate Irene Henley, LNP incumbent Mark Robinson and independent Claire Richardson.

The state election will take place on October 31.