Be gorgeous with a reflexology facial

Treat: You deserve a Gorgeous Woman (GW) Japanese facial. Book online at or call Anne on 0419 670 312.
Treat: You deserve a Gorgeous Woman (GW) Japanese facial. Book online at or call Anne on 0419 670 312.

If you want to treat yourself, rejuvenate your skin, totally relax and re-energise then its time to book in for a Gorgeous Woman (GW) Japanese Facial.

Dry cold winter air can leave skin looking parched, dehydrated and prematurely aged and wrinkled. The good news is that a GW facial can bring back beautiful silky smooth, toned skin, perfect for springtime.

The GW facial is a natural skin rejuvenating treatment that combats the signs of ageing by increasing collagen and elastin production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, intensely hydrating and stimulating cell regeneration, so the youthful effects keep working long after you've had your facial.

It incorporates a combination of natural plant-based beauty, facial reflexology, facial acupressure and face lifting massage techniques.

A great bonus of facial reflexology is that it brings all the benefits of foot reflexology and it also has fabulous beautifying effects.

A Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial can give a natural glow to the face, a more radiant complexion while the skin becomes smoother and firmer.

Lines and wrinkles also become less visible even after just one treatment as circulation flow is increased to release muscle tension.

Japanese and Ayurvedic face lifting massage techniques literally lift and sculpt muscles. This brings instant and long term benefits.

Not only does the face massage feel wonderfully relaxing but it releases deep seated tension and stress from the muscles in our face and jaw.

Reflex points and acupressure points found in the face connect to organs and body parts and improve circulation, blood flow nerve supply and lymphatic function and as a result the whole body can function better.

Lymphatic drainage encourages the release of toxins. Puffiness around the eyes and cheeks decreases and the complexion becomes more even toned.

The Gorgeous Woman natural plant-based skincare system along with an enzyme peel and antioxidant face mask nourish and revitalise the complexion.