Mount Cotton volunteer firefighter slams Springwood MPs Mick de Brenni's decision to build a rural fire station

Capalaba MP Don Brown, Springwood MP Mick de Brenni, Queensland secretary of the United Firefighters Union John Oliver and Redland MP Kim Richards.
Capalaba MP Don Brown, Springwood MP Mick de Brenni, Queensland secretary of the United Firefighters Union John Oliver and Redland MP Kim Richards.

A MOUNT Cotton volunteer firefighter has slammed Labor's decision to build a fire station claiming, it was a political move and money would be better spent on other resources.

Craig Luxton said the area did not need an urban station as there were already four Redland brigades within a 12 minute response time.

Two weeks out from the election, Mr de Brenni announced that a station would be built at Kingfisher Road.

This was despite Labor originally opposing the idea.

A rural fire brigade - but not a station - was approved earlier this year after more than five years of debate.

The brigade was to focus on fire mitigation and education with professional firefighters at nearby urban stations responding to fires.

Mr Luxton said about 70 voluntary firefighters had since been trained but were now unsure of their future. He felt more emphasis needed to be put on mitigation and community training.

"Frustrated, disappointed is an understatement. I am angry that these decisions are made by community leaders who are not spending money wisely. No hose, no rakes, no truck - no funds to mitigate fire risk - we don't need anymore response teams because there is a gap in mitigation," he said.

Mr Luxton said urban fire trucks were ineffective managing bushfires as 80 per cent of Mount Cotton was steep, with no road access and no reticulated water.

Mr de Brenni said the $12.2 million fire station would be staffed by a specialist fire rescue bushfire response team, with an off-road truck operating 24/7 and would handle further urban growth.

Springwood LNP candidate Kirrily Boulton said she backed abushfire mitigation plan, which gave volunteer brigades local control and focused on mitigation.

"The Labor government will not allow local control of our Mt Cotton brigade and now wants to set up a full time station that is not even in Mt Cotton," she said.

"To undertake their training in fuel reduction burns, our volunteer fireys need a firetruck of their own, which I have committed to provide."

Capalaba MP Don Brown said in 2015 that the area was well serviced by Capalaba Fire Station, with support from permanently manned Class A Fire and Rescue stations at Wishart, Redland Bay, Woodridge, Cleveland and Beenleigh.

Last week, Mr Brown said he now supported the station decision because it would service not only the rural blocks of Mount Cotton but cater for growth in the southern Redlands and islands.

"The station will also have much greater range of functions like car accident response, but also their average response time is two mins and not 30 minutes," he said. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services declined to comment.