Aussie rock supports Variety at the Grand View Hotel

PRIDE: Aussie Pride will perform at a Great Aussie Rock afternoon at the Grand View Hotel on November 28.
PRIDE: Aussie Pride will perform at a Great Aussie Rock afternoon at the Grand View Hotel on November 28.
2019: At last year's Great Aussie Rock afternoon.

2019: At last year's Great Aussie Rock afternoon.

Four hours of Australian rock with band Aussie Pride, being staged from 1pm on November 28 at the Grand View Hotel promises a renewal of community spirit and some very specific help for three Redland people.

The Great Aussie Rock afternoon will assist people with major life challenges, specifically Tom Goldsworthy 16, Isaac Pacal 14 and Isabella Stanfield 12.

The assistance is via two music and one sport scholarships with Isabella and Tom, both blind and with autism able to pursue piano via this funding. For Isabella, a special computer will assist her with readinng music.

Ugandan born Isaac, seeks solace from memories of the death of his father via sport. He has already achieved places in cross country events.

Bass player Steve Brewster said the band's philsophy on giving back to the community meshed with the children's charity Variety.

"When it involves kids who face such personal challenges, how can you not help?" he said.

Brewster said the selfless efforts of some Redland residents who give their time and money to support Variety resulted in some real and tangible projects that made a difference to people's lives.

Founding members, Steve and Sue Whittam started the volunteer team in 2009 and have now raised more than $385,000. The couple's Aussie car has become an icon in the area.

At last year's Great Aussie Rock Afternoon, a $6,000 all-terrain wheelchair was provided for Saxon Pitchers.

"This year has been challenging for many charitable organisations. Events and activities have been cancelled while the need for funds has been higher than normal," he said.

"Every dollar we raise goes to very specific needs. We get to see the recipient of each project awarded and the positive impact it has on their life," Mr Whittam said.

Aussie Pride has fund raised more than $32,000 in four years, generated from the sale of the band's three albums. The band will perform hits from classic Australian Rock icons including AC/DC, Cold Chisel, Divinyls, Skyhooks, Jet, The Angels, Australian Crawl, Stevie Wright, Sherbet, INXS, Mondo Rock and Powderfinger.

This year both Tom and Isabella will perform as guest artists. Previous award recipient guitarist William Martinelli 16 will also join the band on stage.

The Great Aussie Rock Afternoon is a COVID safe event. Entry is a $10 per person donation payable at the entry on the day. Book on 3884 3000. Meals will be available and all children are welcome. Donations can be made on