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With so many people regularly using video chat, many of us are seeing our reflections more than ever. So it may come as no surprise that beauty clinics have seen a rise in bookings.

Emma Taylor from Injex Clinics said there's been a noticeable increase in demand for treatments this year.

"Many of our clients have explained to us that their holiday plans were cancelled, so, with their savings they've been able to visit us for the treatments they've always been wanting," said Emma.

Injex Clinics offers a wide range of services, including injectables and anti-wrinkle treatments.

"The trends in beauty are changing and evolving not only with the look, but with clientele. Over the last two years we have noticed a mass increase of men interested in cosmetic procedures - the most popular treatments are anti-wrinkle for frown, forehead and crows feet and filler under eyes. For women it's an increase in cheek filler to help lift the face. Lip injections are also forever on the rise," said Emma.

Emma has been in business as a cosmetic nurse for almost 11 years, which is around the same time injectable treatments emerged, and over the years she has trained with top surgeons and doctors from around the world.

While cosmetic procedures have come a long way, Emma said there's still some stigma around getting procedures.

"One of the common barriers we see is partners who think these treatments will completely change their loved ones' appearance. They see the movie stars with overfilled faces and botched surgeries which have created this way of thinking.

"However, as times are changing, these treatments are becoming more talked about. Clients are openly discussing what they've had done which is allowing others to understand that results can be subtle and natural," she said.

Sisters and business partners Emma Taylor, left, and Kate Taylor, right.

Sisters and business partners Emma Taylor, left, and Kate Taylor, right.

"[After a treatment] your friends and family will be able to notice a fresher look about you, they may not be able to exactly pinpoint what you've had done, but they will notice an overall improvement. People who don't know you won't look at you and think, 'that person has had work done'."

Emma and her sister and business partner Kate Taylor run their clinic with a primary focus on honest and genuine care for their clients, with treatments that are as pain-free as possible with minimal downtime.

"Many clinics pay their nurses on a commission basis with managers forcing targets upon them. This is something we felt we needed to change in the industry. We want our nurses to give only honest advice because that's what they genuinely recommend, not because they are being forced to oversell," said Emma.

And while most clients just come in to freshen up their look, Emma said the effects of the treatments go much further than skin deep.

"The positive impact that these treatments have on peoples' lives is why we are so passionate about what we do. We have thousands of clients from all different walks of life, each with their own story. Some people have gone through unimaginable trauma, abuse, accidents, the list goes on," said Emma.

"Life has taken away what they once looked like, that's why our support means so much to them. We have had so many clients with tears of joy after their treatment because they feel so beautiful, confident and empowered. For some people, these treatments help to wash away the scars of the past and can be very therapeutic for them."

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