Redlands candidates have their say ahead of Queensland election on October 31

VOTE: The Redlands electorate covers the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Victoria Point, Redland Bay and Thornlands.
VOTE: The Redlands electorate covers the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Victoria Point, Redland Bay and Thornlands.

MEET the Redlands candidates in Saturday's election.

The Redland City Bulletin asked candidates to submit statements and one minute videos leading up to the election on October 31.

Candidates are in order that their names appear on ballot papers.

Carmen McNaught, The Greens

ELECTION: Carmen McNaught is the Greens candidate for Redlands.

ELECTION: Carmen McNaught is the Greens candidate for Redlands.

I have lived at Victoria Point for 24 years.

I am standing for Redlands because I love where I live and I want to protect our community against unsustainable development. And we want to guarantee the basic things that people want, that is: jobs, a roof over our heads, genuinely free education, world-class free health care, a good environment and value for our tax dollar

We would invest in renewable energy generation, to create thousands of good jobs and lower electricity bills, and we would start a fund to provide loans to companies wanting to manufacture in Australia.

We would create 20,000 jobs to build 25,000 public homes each year.

We would hire more teachers for smaller class sizes, and abolish service fees so parents don't have to fork out all the time.

We would hire more doctors and nurses and we would make parking free for patients and staff at every publish hospital.

We want a root and branch reform of development laws so that we do not end up with another Toondah fiasco on our doorstep.

We think it's fair that those corporations that are making a lot of money from us like the mining corporations, the big banks and big developers pay a little bit more so that we all have the things we need.

The Queensland Greens refuse donations from corporations that want to buy political influence. We can be trusted to make decisions that are in the interests of ordinary people like you and me.

Henry Pike, LNP

I love living and raising my young family here in Redlands. But I understand the challenges facing locals firsthand: congestion, hospital waiting times, and a Queensland economy that is the worst performing in the country.

Queensland now faces the biggest economic crisis in a century. How quickly we recover from this recession will have a real impact on Redland families.

Sadly, even before COVID, Queensland had the highest unemployment, lowest business confidence and the worst rate of business failure in Australia. Queenslanders must now choose a government for the next four years, and that choice is between the plans for economic recovery.

The LNP has a clear and costed plan to pull Queensland out of recession and create a decade of secure jobs. This plan is to "go big" on infrastructure projects to create jobs, supercharge economic-growth and increase the state's productivity over the long-term.

For the Redlands this means finally playing catch-up on our massive infrastructure backlog. An LNP Government will deliver $100 million to fully duplicate Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, upgrade our hospital, fast track planning for a Redland Bay High School, and invest $5 million in sealing our SMBI island roads.

Having worked as a policy advisor across a range of Australia's largest industries, I am passionate about building a stronger economy that creates jobs and unlocks Queensland's full potential. You can trust the LNP to manage the economy responsibly, and get the Redlands its fair share of investment.

Peter Williams, One Nation

Michelle Maher, Informed Medical Options Party

Andrew Pope, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party 

Kim Richards, Labor

It has been a privilege to represent our Redlands community and together we achieved great outcomes for our roads, for our schools, for our hospital and for our community.

At this election there is a very clear - and very important - choice to make about the future of our state.

Our Palaszczuk Labor team has a plan to come out the other side of this storm stronger and fairer. Creating jobs, rebuilding our economy and investing in our police, our firefighters, our schools, our health services and our Redlands community.

We have duplication underway of Cleveland Redland Bay Road, new island ferry terminals, new Redlands fire station, more police and a new Victoria Point and Redlands Mobile Police Beat coming. We are airconditioning all our schools now, we have new classrooms, halls and learning precincts being delivered across our Redlands schools. We are investing in the health of Redlanders with a new Satellite Hospital, a new Intensive Care Unit at Redlands Hospital and much needed carparking.

This election is a choice between stable and strong leadership and it is a choice between a Palaszczuk Labor Government that has seen record investment in infrastructure and services for our Redlands community. Or the chaos of an opposition who have been wrong when it's mattered most. An opposition that when it had the opportunity neglected our Redlands roads, schools and hospital.

This election I want all Redlanders to know that I will continue to always put them first and ensure that Redlands is the best place to live.

Craig Gunnis, United Australia Party

Frank Brady, Legalise Cannabis Party