Thornlands residents stand together to fight noisy Holey Moley site in the future

FED UP: Nicholas Forbes and Michelle Melnikoff and some of the disgruntled residents at the gates of the Holey Moley site in Thornlands.
FED UP: Nicholas Forbes and Michelle Melnikoff and some of the disgruntled residents at the gates of the Holey Moley site in Thornlands.

FED up Thornlands residents want filming of the US Holey Moley television show to end by 11pm after being kept awake until 4am by the production.

They say the eight nights of filming was a nightmare, with residents having to close windows in an effort to reduce impacts.

They want Redland City Council to limit the crowd size and to build walls to help reduce acoustic impacts.

Council has signed a three-year contract with Eureka Productions to use the site to film other versions of the show and residents are steaming that there has been no consultation.

Mayor Karen Williams has pushed the project hard, saying the golf reality TV series filmed near the Redland Animal Shelter was a massive promotion for the area.

Michelle Melnikoff and families from Flamingo Crescent, Bluebird and Cockatiel Court said the loud cheering and clapping kept them awake until 4am, sometimes later.

"There was no consultation with residents and a letterbox drop was done to inform us about the filming not even two weeks before the noise started," Ms Melnikoff said.

Her mother lives in a granny flat on her property, is 85 and gravely ill and was impacted by the noise.

"There was a no care factor, no consultation and no warning that it would go on to four or 5am, with no noise mitigation plan in place," she said.

Nicholas Forbes said the noise was so loud he was forced to close windows to keep sound out.

The noise prompted neighbourhood dogs to bark constantly at the to the drumming and cheering.

"It was incredibly noisy in the streets surrounding the site. We are concerned about how many times this will happen during the three-year contract," he said.

Mr Forbes said he had heard word of a celebrity Holey Moley show coming up.

Eureka Productions could not confirm this.

A spokesperson said no decision had been made on any further productions of Holey Moley.

Mr Forbes said council had been mum on the future of the site.

"What's done is done, but now we would like to see the show filming limited from 4pm to 11pm. The crowd size and noise to be controlled and acoustic walls constructed to mitigate the noise," Mr Forbes said.

"We don't want to whinge, we want a solution ... to sit down and find a compromise. We want council to take ownership of the problem and act on our behalf instead of passing it off," Mr Forbes said.

Residents said they were open to consultation with council and the production company.

A Redland City Council spokesperson said the producers had made a significant investment at the site.

"The site is now under their control and, for the foreseeable future, is for the Holey Moley production," she said.