North Stradbroke Island police renew road safety calls, prepare for schoolies

Straddie police renew road safety calls, prepare for schoolies

NORTH Stradbroke Island police have urged motorists to drive responsibly, with stormy weather, National Road Safety Week and high-visibility patrols important reminders of the importance of safe driving.

Dunwich Police officer in charge Darren Scanlan said speeding was a problem on the island, with five drivers fined in the last week for travelling more than 13 km/h above the limit.

"Police will continue to conduct high visibility traffic enforcement to deter and detect traffic offences," he said.

"With increasing storm activity, it is important for drivers to drive to the conditions and to put their headlights on as it helps with visibility for oncoming traffic."

It also comes during National Road Safety Week, which continues until November 22.

In south-east Queensland, 36 people have died on in traffic crashes since the start of the year.

It is up from 13 in the same period last year.

Extra police to head to Straddie ahead of schoolies week

EXTRA police officers are set to head to North Stradbroke Island this weekend, with schoolies week kicking off.

Dunwich Police officer in charge Darren Scanlan said extra officers would head to the island to help out, should any unruly behaviour arise.

In past years, the island has been quiet during schoolies week, with the bulk of the school-leaving visitors coming during September.

Senior Constable Ivan Parsons told the Redland City Bulletinlast year that in November, the island was usually much quieter than pre-schoolies in the September holidays.

"If we get Schoolies (in November) they're generally not getting into trouble, they're usually just looking to enjoy themselves and have a good time," he said.

One Gold Coast teen said he had chosen to head to the island for schoolies this year due to its relaxed environment.

"My mates and I are going just to relax, surf and enjoy the beaches," he said.

Many other schoolies are heading to the Sunshine Coast after the state government cancelled official schoolies events on the Gold Coast.