Young Redlands Navy veterans launch meditation classes at Victoria Point

STRESS-FREE: Joel Reeves and Sass Akil of Crystal Clear Wellness Co are running meditation classes at Victoria Point.
STRESS-FREE: Joel Reeves and Sass Akil of Crystal Clear Wellness Co are running meditation classes at Victoria Point.

A PAIR of young Redlands Navy veterans who turned to meditation to help improve their lifestyle and mental health are now looking to share their knowledge with the community.

Sass Akil and Joel Reeves served in the Navy for 12 and 10 years respectively, both completing multiple overseas deployments.

They were both interested in meditation and after leaving the Australian Defence Force, began using it to manage stress while working corporate jobs.

Ms Akil said meditation was a valuable tool as she managed post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder.

"I've had to see doctors and psychologists for many years for trauma triggers and essentially being in fight or flight response," she said.

"Meditation is one of the best tools to elicit a relaxation response. Even though I still experience those symptoms, it's given me the tools to work through them a lot better."

Through their business, Crystal Clear Wellness Co, Ms Akil and Mr Reeves have been working with veterans around the south-east and have started running meditation classes at Victoria Point two mornings a week.

Classes - held on Mondays and Thursdays at the Victoria Point Community Hall - are open to all members of the community and include a range of meditation styles and techniques including progressive muscle relaxation, affirmations and mantra meditation and chakra meditation.

"We're really looking to the community to give us feedback on what they want to do, so if there's areas of their life, like stress, confidence, self-care they are struggling in, we'll really utilise that data to design our classes," Ms Akil said

"What we find in the veteran space is first of all, there are people in general who are transitioning from the life of being in the ADF, that in itself is challenging, so meditation is really good for giving that sense of calm.

"We also have a lot of people who are suffering from PTSD, panic disorders, anxiety, depression, and meditation can be really helpful.

"When you walk away from a class, your ability to hold mindful conversations with people and go through the motions of your day much more calmly."

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