Police move on revellers from Point Lookout's Cylinder Beach hours after schoolies celebrations cause beach closure at Noosa

POLICE broke-up a gathering at Stradbroke Island on the second night of schoolies celebrations but say they have not experienced the same issues as some other beach locations where revellers are holidaying.

SOME VIEW: Cylinder Beach at North Stradbroke Island is a popular spot for visitors from the mainland.

SOME VIEW: Cylinder Beach at North Stradbroke Island is a popular spot for visitors from the mainland.

Sergeant Darren Scanlan said police did not want a repeat of the events at Noosa - which saw a beach roped-off after a night of schoolies celebrations - and moved on a gathering of about 50 youths from Cylinder Beach on Sunday.

The group left to go to their accommodation without incident about 8pm.

Earlier that day, authorities had been forced to clean up rubbish and broken glass from Main Beach at Noosa, north of the Sunshine Coast.

It came after thousands of schoolies packed out the beach on Saturday night. Local police today defended the behaviour of Noosa schoolies.

Sergeant Scanlan said island police had issued six school leavers with infringements for being in possession of alcohol while underage, and one for urinating in public at Cumming Parade about 11pm on Saturday.

An 18-year-old Coolangatta man will face the drug diversion program after he was allegedly found with cannabis at Mooloomba Road at 10.55pm on Sunday.

Sergeant Scanlan said there had been an alarming number of people drinking to excess and passing out in the street over the past week, particularly at Point Lookout.

He said most people had no idea where they were when police found them.

"The streets are dark at night and the roads on the hill have several blind corners and dips, they are lucky police located them otherwise their night out could have ended in tragedy," Sergeant Scanlan said.

"With the Christmas season approaching, I urge people to drink responsibly and ensure their mates are safe if they indulge too much."

Police also handed out 27 fines for traffic offences during the past week.

Sergeant Scanlan said it was a disappointing result and believed many motorists were ignorant of road rules.

"Six people were issued $400 infringement notices for failing to wear seat belts," he said.

"These people must have money to burn as the first thing you do when you get in your car is to put your seat belt on. It is a proven device that will save your life in a crash."

Seven infringement notices were issued for speeding, including a 22-year-old Tingalpa man who was allegedly travelling at 75km/h in a 50km/h zone on Dickson Way about 11.30am Sunday.

"Many of the speed signs located throughout Point Lookout are double the size of normal speed signs," Sergeant Scanlan said.

"Drivers who are speeding have no excuse. They are either distracted and not paying attention to what is in front of them or just don't care."

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