Redlands little league baseball players to play under lights at Sheldon just like major league

Baseball has a long history in Australia dating back to the 1800's but over the years, it has been a relatively minor sport in Australia.

BIG HITTERS: Rays Little Leaguers training for their night under lights.

BIG HITTERS: Rays Little Leaguers training for their night under lights.

That will not stop a group of Redlands Little Leaguers from experiencing their own major league-inspired game at Redlands Baseball Club this Friday night, December 4 when they get to experience the sights and sounds of what it feels like to be a big league player.

With walk-up songs, hot dogs, a 7th inning stretch and a special guest all the way from the North Pole who could not miss out on the action.

The idea came about from Redlands Little League Mantarays coach Dean Ainsworth who, as a senior player at Redlands, former state representative and former player in the old Australian Baseball League, wanted to give his kids an experience that he was familiar with but is often available only to the top leagues.

"Having experienced game day entertainment with crowds, music and atmosphere it leaves a lasting memory that you keep with you always," Ainsworth said.

"Unfortunately, that opportunity isn't available to everyone and is usually reserved for those playing in Division 1, the Brisbane Bandits and, of course, high level baseball in America.

"I asked some of the kids how they would feel playing under lights and the response I got was that they'd feel like a major league player and that's the experience we want to leave with the kids.

"They are going to have a great night."

The game starts at 6.30pm on Friday, December 4 at Redlands Rays Baseball Club, 20 Duncan Road, Sheldon, and a gold coin donation will be appreciated.

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