Holey Moley: Residents present petition to Redland City Council to halt further noisy nighttime filming at Thornlands

RESIDENTS have renewed their attempts to halt production of extreme golf game show Holey Moley at Thornlands, with a petition put to council to find a new film site after people living nearby were kept up all night by noise during production.

But Redland City Council said filming would go ahead at the site, with an acoustic consultant expected to investigate residents' concerns before Eureka Productions got approval to start the next round of filming.

A residents' petition called on council to acknowledge the impacts the noisy production had on people living near the filming site on South Street, Thornlands.

Petitioners wanted council to tell Eureka Productions that the location was unsuitable and ensure no further filming happened on the site.

They wanted the site to be restored as habitat for native wildlife.

It came after residents told the Redland City Bulletinlast month that loud cheering and clapping kept them awake until 4am and sometimes later during filming in October.

"There was no consultation with residents and a letterbox drop was done to inform us about the filming not even two weeks before the noise started," nearby resident Michelle Melnikoff said.

Nicholas Forbes said the noise on the streets had been incredibly loud.

"We are concerned about how many times this will happen during the three-year contract," he said.

HOLEY MOLEY: The Holey Moley US version features big putts and physical challenges for contestants. Photo: Seven Network.

HOLEY MOLEY: The Holey Moley US version features big putts and physical challenges for contestants. Photo: Seven Network.

A council spokesperson said Eureka Productions would have to apply for a new temporary entertainment approval before future rounds of filming.

The application process was expected to include a noise management plan by an acoustic consultant.

"Any certificate of approval issued will include conditions and mitigation measures to minimise the noise impacts on residents, taking into account relevant community feedback from the previous filming," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said changes to filming, including reducing audience participation levels and PA use, had been made after nearby residents rang the dedicated phone hotline during filming in October.

But residents described the experience as a nightmare.

"There was a no care factor, no consultation and no warning that it would go on to four or 5am," Ms Melnikoff said.

Council has signed a three-year contract with Eureka Productions to use the site to film other versions of the show. The spokesperson said discussions about residents' concerns, noise management and community engagement were ongoing.

Holey Moley is set to air in late January. It is hosted by Rob Riggle, Matt Shirvington and Sonia Kruger, with Greg Norman starring as the resident golf pro.