Registrations for Clean Up Australia Day, on Sunday, March 7, are now open

Get involved: Clean Up Australia Day registrations are now open. The day is set down for Sunday, March 7.
Get involved: Clean Up Australia Day registrations are now open. The day is set down for Sunday, March 7.

Registrations for Australia's largest community-based environmental event, Clean Up Australia Day, are open.

This year, the day is set down for Sunday, March 7.

The opening of registrations comes as COVID-19 restrictions that have significantly impacted local environments are easing.

There has never been a better time to tackle the surge in single-use disposable items, such as takeaway coffee cups, food packaging, masks and sanitised wipes, which have polluted our local parks, bushland, streets, waterways and beaches.

Research reveals that 34 per cent of Australian households self-identified as producing more packaging waste during lockdown periods compared to previous years, and more than half reported they were more concerned about product packaging waste than they were in 2019.

Clean Up Australia chairman, Pip Kiernan said now was the time for all Australians to clean up and help protect and conserve local environments.

"This year has seen disruption to our lives, not least of all to our local environments which have been impacted by increased uptake of single-use, disposable items" Ms Kiernan said.

"We know Australians everywhere are itching to get involved and now is their chance to officially register interest for the next Clean Up Australia Day. Indeed, it's never been more important to get involved and make a real difference.

"Whether you are a first time volunteer looking for a more eco-conscious new year's resolution, or a more seasoned clean up champion looking to get prepared early ahead of next year, now is the time for you to register your involvement.

"By planning ahead and signing up to a clean up event, you are making a pledge to help conserve the environment for the long-term future, and taking an important action by stepping up for your community."

If you can't join a Clean Up, Ms Kiernan urges you to make a donation to Clean Up Australia.

Every dollar raised through donations is allocated to the provision of educational resources and clean up materials are provided free of charge to community, school and youth groups across the nation, all year round.

To register for the day, visit