Redlands crime statistics: Theft, drugs regions' most common offences, according to police data

CRIME: Police crime figures show theft (excluding unlawful entry) and drug offences were the most common crimes in the Redlands in 2020.
CRIME: Police crime figures show theft (excluding unlawful entry) and drug offences were the most common crimes in the Redlands in 2020.

CRIME was down in the Redlands last year, but theft and drugs continue to be the city's biggest problems, according to police figures.

In the year to January 2021, the region recorded 7136 offences, down from more than 8700 the previous year.

Theft, excluding unlawful entry, made up a third of all offences, with 2142.

In the past few years, objects from a metal Road Runner statue to cars and machinery have been stolen from Redlands properties.

In 2017, three koala joeys were taken from a home in Ormiston, where they were being nursed to health by a wildlife carer.

Drug offences came in next on the list, with 1201 offences in the past year.

The police statistics mirror that in the 2018-19 Crime Report, released by the state government in April last year, which prompted calls to address the region's "ice epidemic".

"More needs to be done to address our drug problem, including the ice epidemic, which impacts greatly on young people in our bay island communities in particular," Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson said at the time.

More than 20 people were arrested after bayside drug busts in May.

During a police roadside operation in late 2019, one third of drivers tested positive to drugs, a result police described as disappointing.

Property damage was the third most common crime, with 645 offences, followed by traffic offences.

Crime hotspots included the Cleveland and Capalaba central business districts.

Criminal activity in 2020 peaked in March, with 718 offences, while it was at its lowest in December.

Based on the 2020 figures, crimes are most likely to occur on Saturdays, and least likely on Mondays.

Logan had more than 30,000 offences, with theft and drugs also the most common, while Ipswich had about 18,000.

The Gold Coast recorded close to 46,000 offences, while Brisbane had more than 90,000.

All four regions have significantly larger populations than the Redlands.

Redlands suburbs listed by crime rate

Data is taken from the QPS online crime map, from the year to January 2021.

  1. Capalaba - 1520 offences
  2. Cleveland - 1311 offences
  3. Alexandra Hills - 666 offences
  4. Redland Bay - 663 offences
  5. Victoria Point - 567 offences
  6. Birkdale - 440 offences
  7. Thornlands - 396 offences
  8. Wellington Point - 382 offences
  9. Russell Island - 301 offences
  10. Mount Cotton - 185 offences
  11. Ormiston - 133 offences
  12. Macleay Island - 132 offences
  13. Thorneside - 117 offences
  14. Dunwich - 111 offences
  15. Point Lookout - 90 offences
  16. Lamb Island - 28 offences
  17. Sheldon - 27 offences
  18. Coochiemudlo Island - 26 offences
  19. Amity - 13 offences
  20. Karragarra Island - 8 offences