Cleveland man, Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson fight to save Harold Walker Jetty at Dunwich but transport department says demolition will go ahead

CLEVELAND man Simon Walker says he fears his late father's contributions to the island community will be forgotten when a jetty bearing the Harold Walker name is removed from Dunwich this year.

JETTY PROBLEM: Christine and Simon Walker joined with Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson at the Harold Walker Jetty.

JETTY PROBLEM: Christine and Simon Walker joined with Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson at the Harold Walker Jetty.

Oodgeroo MP Mark Robinson has also joined the chorus of people calling for the jetty to remain, having written a letter to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk asking for the state government to halt its demolition.

But a transport department spokesman said the jetty must be removed in the interests of public safety.

He said it could not be repaired and would not be replaced as it was no longer used by ferries or recreational vessels.

Mr Walker said he would like something else in the area named after his father if the jetty could not keep its place on the North Stradbroke Island shoreline.

"A lot of people have said they don't want the jetty to go," he said. "They want the jetty to either be restored or a new one to be built.

"What has concerned a lot of people, including me and the family, is that once the jetty goes, all eventually will be forgotten.

"If you take all of my generation out of it, the young ones aren't too sure what it's all about, who he was."

Mr Walker said his father had worked around the clock as owner and operator of the Dunwich Ferry Service.

He launched the business in the early 1950s and spent more than 20 years transporting people to and from the island.

"That was his life and his duty," he said. "He did it all on his own as the owner and skipper.

"I was basically brought up on the boats with dad. He taught me a lot.

"I had a vision of taking over the business. If it was still there today, I would be carrying the business on for the family."

Mr Robinson said he shared the Walker family's concerns about how Mr Walker would be remembered without the jetty.

"Straddie and the Redlands Coast has a rich history of people like Harold Walker who have made valuable contributions and left their imprint on our world," he said.

"It is important that the state government continues to recognise such previously bestowed honours.

"They should halt plans to demolish the jetty, release the business case for its restoration, and properly consider and involve the whole community in the Dunwich master plan."

A transport department spokesman said demolition would begin after environmental approvals were granted.

"Consideration will be given to naming a suitable foreshore structure after Harold Walker pending consultation with council and the community," he said.

"The naming plaques on the rock will be retained by Redland City Council.

"The Harold Walker Jetty sign will be placed in the North Stradbroke Island Museum with the approval of the Walker family."

Islanders are planning a peaceful protest this Sunday from 9am. Children will deliver speeches about why they want to save the jetty.

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