Stunt woman Angela Sippel and waste management worker Mark Duncan to represent the Redlands on Channel Seven show Holey Moley

TWO Redlanders will star in Channel Seven entertainment program Holey Moley after putting their skills to the test at a mini-golf course designed for the show at Thornlands.

PUTTING FOR GLORY: Angie Sippel and Mark Duncan will star in the Channel Seven television show Holey Moley.

PUTTING FOR GLORY: Angie Sippel and Mark Duncan will star in the Channel Seven television show Holey Moley.

Redland Bay stunt woman Angela Sippel and Thornlands waste management worker Mark Duncan will battle against contestants from across Australia for a shot at $100,000.

Mr Duncan, who has been playing golf since he was four, lives just a three minute drive from the site where the show was filmed.

His putting technique was perfected on greens he made for himself in his childhood backyard.

"I had three holes and they were all undulating," he said. "I mowed it low and got it like a proper putting green.

"I would putt every afternoon after school, so I have had plenty of experience."

Not only is his golf game up to scratch, his flowing beard - which he has been growing since 2015 - has earned him several awards.

He joked that one of the major advantages of beard growth was protection from the sun.

"It is just there now," Mr Duncan said. "It is a part of me and I am loving what you can do with a beard."

Ms Sippel is not shy in front of the camera, having been on set as a stunt woman for a number of television and movie productions.

"I wouldn't say I am a mini-golf fanatic, but it is something that my husband and I have always liked to do," she said.

"We will go play putt putt down the Gold Coast and we like to go to the driving range. I guess you could say I have been around the golf scene just for fun."

The noise during production caused some angst among the Thornlands community, with a few locals complaining of being kept awake until 4am.

Both Redlands contestants said the atmosphere on set was their favourite part of filming.

"The crowd was great," Mr Duncan said. "Just getting on TV ... was something that I had always wanted to do and this was a show where I could do that.

"The contestants got on well because we were all out there sort of people, go getters and competitive."

Ms Sippel said she was impressed by the set up at Thornlands, which featured windmills, fire-breathing dragons and shark-infested lagoons.

"I was quite amazed to see that as you go to the hole you are playing on, you get a sight of the other holes," she said.

"In the waiting room before we went onto play, we got to see the other contestants and we all got along.

"We were all pretty bubbly and we ended up having a hand stand competition while we were waiting."

Both contestants will be watching from home when the show makes its debut on Monday, February 1.

Mr Duncan said his sons, both aged in their early 20s, were quite amused by him appearing on the show.

"They thought 'oh well, dad is a bit of a loose unit sometimes. He may as well do it'," he said.

"They loved it and had a laugh over it, that was the good thing."

The show goes to air on Channel Seven at 7.30pm on Monday.

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