Documents prepared for Redland Investment Corporation recommend multi-level parking facility at Weinam Creek

Councillor Mark Edwards

Councillor Mark Edwards

DOCUMENTS prepared for Redland Investment Corporation have recommended that the long-planned Weinam Creek multi-level parking facility be built four storeys tall.

Russell Island Development Association president Ian Olsson said a large building would be a blight on the Redland Bay foreshore and renewed calls for a bridge to Russell Island.

Cr Mark Edwards said what was written in proposals could be compared to an artist's impression and would not necessarily reflect the final design.

He said buildings in the priority development area could have up to seven floors but the parking area would likely stand at about four to five storeys tall.

"What I have asked for is that when they (RIC) receive some design proposals, that they go out for community consultation first," Cr Edwards said.

"It is important in my mind that the users are confident it is going to meet their needs.

"I doubt very much you will see a seven storey building there. I can see it (the car park) being around four, maybe five storeys.

"The main thing is that they make sure the car parking is sufficient for the island's current and future needs."

Cr Edwards said he had asked that the facility be built in a way that would allow extra levels to be added at a later point if required.

"Under the Priority Development Area agreement with the state government, buildings can go up to seven storeys," he said.

"What would really happen is the commercial activity would drive how much is built."

Redland Bay resident Steven Komorowski said it had been more than seven years since the Weinam Creek PDA was opened for discussion.

"The demographics of the local community has significantly changed since then and the local people of Redland Bay are tired of major eyesore development in Redland Bay ... (like) 500 space car with small lot housing on Moores Farm approved and built by council," he said.

Mr Olsson said building a large parking facility was old world thinking and would cause angst among Redland Bay locals.

"Can you imagine six storeys? It is not on and the people at Redland Bay would be shocked," he said.

"It is not working with the environment, and it is not working with getting people a better deal.

"What the community needs and would cherish is a great rethink of the whole (Weinam) project."

Mr Komorowski said an open forum discussion with Cr Edwards and the Redland Bay community was way overdue.

"Redland Bay is fast becoming one giant car park and has lost the tranquility of why we all moved here years ago. We are not against development especially when it is done right with community consultation, not what was put forward seven plus years ago," he said.

Redland City Council said the Weinam Creek overall master plan would be delivered in stages.

"The master plan will set parameters for the development and that decision is due late 2021, following community consultation. The master plan has been lodged with the state government (Economic Development Queensland) for assessment," a council spokeswoman said.

She said the community would have an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft master plan when it had been assessed by EDQ.

RIC will host information sessions at the Redlands Coast Lifestyle Information Centre at the Marina Ferry Terminal this month, offering the community opportunity to ask questions, find out more information and provide feedback through an online survey.