5 Moons of Pluto given high praise at premiere

The audience was asking for a repeat of the 13-minute short film 5 Moons of Pluto, premiered at RPAC by Cleveland Film Company on February 19.

The film was a multi-layered message about grief and loss as seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl and her interest in the five moons of Pluto. The moons become symbolic of the five stages of grief and audience members said they were keen to see the film again in order to grasp all its nuances.

The screening of the film was accompanied by speeches and snippets from local people involved in the film project. This included an insight into the music by composer and Sinfonia conductor Graeme Denniss who played some themes and explained their relevance in the film.

The evening also showcased the talent of the Sinfonia and featured Victoria Taylor, Joel Constable, John Tucker, Amy Hervorn, Phil Davis and Ralph Grigg performing a variety of short works. One was The Age of Steam, also composed by Dr Denniss.

Sound artist Josh Smith was also praised for his film contribution and Mr Smith did a small performance in the foyerm following the screening.

Biochrome artist Renata Buziak of Point Lookout said she used her work to create energy and evoke emotions.

"The art speaks of the cycle of life and I wanted to offer a sense of flow and the environment. Art can be more than a feature on a wall or a computer," she said.

Emcee Cr Paul Bishop said the work was a rich interconnected tapestry involving many hearts and minds in song, dance, story and music.

"It is a symphony - a synchronicity of thought, a word-based genre brought to life. It is vision and contribution brought into reality in a meaningful collaboration," Cr Bishop said.

The film was written and directed by Bradford Walton and showcased local talent and Redland scenery.

A preview of a feature film, also shot locally, was screened at the red carpet premiere.