Ormiston's Chloe Batchelor receives financial scholarship to help her succeed in the field of medicine.

After facing a number of setbacks during her studies, a Redlands university student has won an Australian Medical Association Queensland Foundation scholarship.

SCHOLARSHIP: Chloe Batchelor will receive funding to help her achieve academic success

SCHOLARSHIP: Chloe Batchelor will receive funding to help her achieve academic success

Following a series of health issues in 2019 and flooding affecting her rental property and car in 2021, the financial scholarship will help Chloe Batchelor to focus on her studies.

"I want to help patients celebrate their highest moments and assist them through their lowest. What better way to do that than being a doctor?" Ms Batchelor said.

She will receive $5000 a year from the AMA to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course in Queensland.

The 27-year-old from Ormiston said the scholarship will allow her to focus on study without the stress of worrying about making ends meet.

Ms Batchelor was the first person in her family to finish high school and hopes to one day be able to help others in the same way they helped her.

In 2019 Chloe's dreams of being a doctor were put on hold to focus on recovering from health issues with two major surgeries and six hospital stays.

After getting back on her feet and re-enrolling at Griffith University, in early 2021 Ms Batchelor's car and rental property in Alexandra Hills were affected by flash flooding.

"It truly was a perfect storm. I became both homeless and carless in just one night," She said.

Ms Batchelor said thanks to the scholarship, her goal to become a doctor was back on track.

AMA Queensland president Chris Perry said the scholarship aimed to support promising medical students experiencing financial hardship and give them the opportunity to excel.

"We want to make sure all would-be-doctors have a springboard into the profession, no matter what their background," Mr Perry said.