Capalaba QAS paramedic Sandra Cowley recognised in Queen's Birthday 2021 Honours list

Capalaba critical care paramedic Sandra Cowley has been recognised for going above and beyond in her line of work in the Queen's Birthday 2021 Honours list.

HONOURED: Sandra Cowley has worked as a paramedic in Cleveland and Capalaba since 1991.

HONOURED: Sandra Cowley has worked as a paramedic in Cleveland and Capalaba since 1991.

After starting her career in Cleveland 30 years ago, Ms Cowley has worked in a variety of roles, including area manager, officer-in-charge, area director, clinical support officer and critical care paramedic.

As a critical care paramedic Ms Cowley gives invaluable clinical care to to patients, and colleagues often seek her knowledge, experience and leadership when treating serious incidents on the frontline.

She said she wants to do what is right for her patients and treat them with the best care possible.

"Patients ring us at their worst possible moment, whether we have seen worse or not, so I try to make things that little bit better for them or for their families," Ms Cowley said.

"As long as I can walk out at the end of the day knowing I did everything possible for everyone I've seen, it's worth it."

Bowman MP Andrew Laming said the list is a great way to honour the hard work of the recipients.

"Through these awards we recognise and celebrate outstanding Redlanders - our very own community members who do extraordinary things locally and for Australia," he said.

Other local honourees included Mieke Brandon for her service in dispute resolution and mediation through the Resolution Institute and Kenneth Dickson of Cleveland for service to the community working with emergency response organisations.

"These awards are assessed and awarded through a rigorous process, including nomination by peers. This means that the often-quiet achievers can be recognised for the quiet devoted service they have given," Mr Laming said.

"The Queen's Birthday awards system provides us all the opportunity to recognise and say 'thank you' to those whose efforts make our communities and our nation a better place."