Four for a week and five for two years

It looks like he's going to be five for two years.

My grandson recently celebrated four years of a rather wondrous life with a friend from his kindergarten.

It transpired that the friend turned four about a week before he did and the two celebrated with a shared party on the middle weekend of the two birthdays..

So there is every reason to believe that you too would turn four that day - whether it be at the party proper or when the patty cakes were being distributed at kindy.

And then two days later, the boy who believed he was already four years old had his actual birthday.

I asked him his age on the big day and he didn't have to use his fingers to proudly announce that he was five.

His fourth year passed in a blur of activity - celebrating his friend's birthday and bouncing about at a bouncy sort of party place with their shared friends.

In between, he scoffed down a bit of fairy bread and an impressive amount of cake (cake being his favourite food) and then it was back for an up and down sort of time on the blow up clowns and clubs and shapes.

Keeping the cake down while his stomach lurched upwards was a wonder to me and a great act of trust from the bouncy party place owners. I feel certain there were plenty of crossed fingers as they watched their charges at play.

Imagine inviting mega numbers of kindergarten age party goers to eat party food then engage in some rigorous Tigger-type activity.

Perhaps there was some subliminal planning going into the colour scheme which definitely had a strong carrot-y sort of colour. I don't want to state the obvious, but the parallels can't be ignored.

The bouncing place is apparently pretty popular and can churn out about nine parties a day - at least on weekends, theming them with plastic table cloths and colourful plates according to the birthday child's preferences. This particular party had a Paw Patrol theme with a cute dog cake and cute dog plates.

Oh well, they say a dog year is seven to our one, if you are a dog that averts multiple disasters for a dog-living. Perhaps there is something in being four for a week. I look forward to the next two years hanging with a five year old.

- Linda Muller