Riverina canola farmer Andrew Dumaresq welcomes good crop

Nothing heralds the arrival of spring in the NSW Riverina more than spotting hectare after hectare of bright yellow canola flowers.

Farmer Andrew Dumaresq has about 380 hectares of canola planted this year, along with fields of lupins and wheat.

"We were originally graziers, and then we started grain growing, and canola is part of our usual rotation with lupins and wheat predominantly," Mr Dumaresq said.

"The crop is going really well. You couldn't get it much better, really. We had good rains with nice spring weather. It's just ideal conditions."

Passersby might assume the taller the crop, the more productive it is, but Mr Dumaresq said that is not always the case.

"There have been times when it's been taller than me," he said.

"Different varieties of different heights. This variety has not grown quite as tall as it has in previous years, but we are putting that down to more of an overcast winter with not as much daylight.

"But there are enough pods there that the yield potential is as good as any other year."

The stunning fields of glistening gold are eye-catching from kilometres away, and Mr Dumaresq said drivers would often pull over to take a photo.

But some take it too far and jump over the fence to try and capture a perfect social media moment.

"It's a bit quiet now due to the lockdown, but in the past we had a lot of people stopping because we are so close to town and on the road here," Mr Dumaresq said.

"Feel free to take a picture, but please don't come onto private property or into the crops."

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