Sydney's ferries washed ashore on the NSW Mid-North Coast uncovered

It took a tsunami thousands of kilometres away to unearth an underwater graveyard but that's exactly what's happened on the NSW coast.

A long-forgotten shipwreck site has been uncovered after rough seas washed over the NSW Mid-North Coast.

Churning oceans hit the South West Rocks following the tsunami and earthquake in the South Pacific island of Tonga.

The tumultous seas unlocked the underwater gravesite of the ferries Sydney Queen, Lurgurena and Koondooloo, which have remained hidden for half a century.

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In January 1972, the towing tug Polaris lost hold of the three decommissioned ferries en route to the Philippines.

Strong winds swept the ferries ashore at South West Rocks, north of Port Macquarie on the NSW Mid-North Coast, where the wrecks have remained ever since.

To punctuate the 50th anniversary of the ferries' wreckage, however, residents of the Mid North Coast have been able to see the vessels' final resting place once again.

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