The benefits of pet ownership | Senior Lifestyle E-Edition

Love thy pet - how owning one can benefit an older person....

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CLICK on the cover to read this issue.

WHETHER you're living alone, isolated from loved ones or looking for loyal companionship, you'll find a devoted friend in a pet.

And what's more, they're good for your health, raising endorphin levels and keeping you active.

A 'man's best friend', dogs are loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate. Meanwhile cats are comforting, protective, affordable and very low maintenance.

Outcomes indicate that an older pet is better suited to an older person as they are already trained, calmer in nature and less active.

Certain dog breeds such as Boston Terrier, Maltese and Pomeranians are best suited for their size and temperaments.

This is where Redland City Council's Animal Shelter can help with its Adopt A Pet program, suitable for seniors looking to find a new furry friend.

"Ask any senior who has owned or does own a pet and they'll vouch for the companionship and loyalty that most animals provide, especially those of the feline and canine variety," a council spokesperson said.

"They can provide solace and comfort from loneliness and give some purpose to each day while potentially providing health benefits for owners - especially with dogs and their need for regular exercise."