OPINION: A bulldozer PM or a builder PM, that's the choice at the 2022 federal election

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison knows he is toxic. He admitted as much this week.

His attempt to bargain with voters by asking them to give him one more chance and he will change, should be seen for the desperate move it is.

A leopard does not change its spots.

Just over a week out from polling day, Scott Morrison admitted he is seen as a "bit of a bulldozer" and promised that "there are things that are going to have to change with the way I do things."

So toxic he can't show his face in many seats, including this region, during the campaign.

So he is saving the furniture. A crisis moment move that will go down as one of the defining moments of the 2022 election campaign.

Contrast that with Anthony Albanese.

Mr Albanese was credited with negotiating the passage of legislation in the last hung parliament. Not an easy job by any means.

The minority government led by Julia Gillard had more success passing legislation than Scott Morrison's. Don't you think that's who we need in uncertain times? A builder of trust and relationships, a proven negotiator, a prime minister who can and will compromise for the greater good and who will stand firm when needed.

I have spoken before of the rusted-on conservative vote in this region. Should the conservatives be rewarded for the way they have governed in the last nine years? What have they done for this region and the nation that deserves another term? If we keep voting the same way, we will get the same result. This region will keep being taken for granted by the Liberals because it is 'safe'. When that pencil is in your hands ask yourself, could changing your vote deliver something better? I think Australia needs a builder PM, not a bulldozer.