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Five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper

Five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper
Five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper

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If you go around a home section of a department store today, you'll find that there's all that buzz about bamboo products. It seems like everyone's falling even more in love with anything bamboo-related, from linen, sheets, mattress, and now even mattress toppers.

When it comes to your bedroom, it's always great to find ways to top up the comfort level. This is, after all, your personal retreat.

Hence, the popularity of bamboo mattress toppers. With one, you can make your bed feel like it's drowning you in comfort, much like how it feels when you're in a five-star resort. A worthwhile investment if you're looking for things to add to your home to make it more comfortable.

Here are five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper:

1. It's hypoallergenic

If you suffer from extreme dust allergies or have kids that have this condition, this product is ideal for you. A bamboo mattress topper is almost always made of non-allergenic materials, so it's very safe to use. This is solely because of the antibacterial and anti-microbial properties of bamboo fabric. That way, there's no room for fungi and bacteria to build upon it.

Apart from the make-up of the fabric itself, bamboo mattresses also prevent dust mites and other infectious substances from going through. These can possibly cause discomfort during bedtime.

How can you determine that you're a good candidate for switching to a bamboo mattress as a part of your home improvement project? These are some telltale signs:

  • Skin irritation, shown through itchy skin or hives
  • A runny or stuffy nose in the morning, possibly due to dust mites that feed off your skin cells and irritate your noses' passage
  • Coughing and sneezing, if you were fine throughout the day and when you rest in your bed at night, you suddenly start sneezing
Five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper
Five benefits of using a bamboo mattress topper

2. It's cooler, temperature-wise

Bamboo mattress toppers can also make your mattress cooler. This can help increase the comfort level of your sleep. You can't sleep comfortably when your mattress is making you sweat at night.

Bamboo is cooler because of its composition. Its fabric enables more airflow, circulation, and breathability to keep you cool while you sleep. Especially during the hot summer months, thick mattresses can heat up the bed so fast, which can make it unbearable.

3. It provides moisture absorption

If you do still sweat, a bamboo mattress topper is very good at absorping moisture. It may also help avoid sweat pooling. Before moisture gets to the mattress, the bamboo fibers simply absorb them.

Plus, the moisture absorption properties of the bamboo topper prevents sticking because of sweat.

4. It protects your back health

A bamboo mattress topper makes the bed conform more to your back's shape in a personalised manner. Every line and curve of your body is given the accurate and careful support it needs.

This can help you sleep comfortably, and help prevent you feeling any back pain when you wake up in the morning ensuring you are well rested to lead your busy life.

5. It contains no harmful chemicals

Home is the safest place to be. But how safe are you really in your own home? You may not be aware of it, but perhaps there are areas in your home that are inherently infested with harmful chemicals. One of these may be your bed.

Depending on the material that your bed mattress fabric is made of, the more synthetic it is, the higher the likelihood of it having harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process. These can include dyes and formaldehyde.

With bamboo mattress toppers, there are very little to no harmful chemicals as the fabric itself is from a natural source: bamboo.


With these benefits, now you can see a mattress topper isn't an invisible and unimportant thing. It's always nice to have one if it means improving the comfort of your bed. Sleep is very important to your health and for you to have enough energy for the next day.

So, you can think of a mattress topper as an investment for your health and future.