Curlew Republic showcases unique exhibition in Redlands

Redland Art Gallery was alive with the music of a conch shell and sound sculpture on Friday night as artist-musician-instrument inventor Colin Offord and video artist-performer Yilan Yeh performed at the opening of the Curlew Republic exhibition, artefacts.

Curlew Republic is Colin and Yilan's combined music and art project and artefacts, which is being held simultaneously at Redland Art Gallery and Redland Museum, showcases the talents of these renowned artists, both of Macleay Island.

More than 50 visitors, including author and former Sydney Morning Herald journalist Bruce Elder and delegates from the Redlands-hosted South East Queensland Small Museums Conference, attended the event.

Speaking at the opening, Bruce said Colin and Yilan’s art and music, with its fusion of Asian, Celtic, English and Australian influences, was not only unique, but also “hugely significant” to contemporary, multicultural Australia.

On opening the exhibition, Redland Mayor Karen Williams acknowledged the wealth of artistic talent that stems from the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

“Colin and Yilan have created something absolutely and truly unique,” she said.

“We are so lucky they have chosen this gallery in which to display their creativity and their artwork.”

Overlapping in content and concept, visually and musically, artefacts comprises video installation, sound sculpture, drawing, calligraphy, recorded soundscape, performances and workshops.

The exhibition is the result of a ten-year collaboration between Colin and Yilan.

artefacts will run at the museum and art gallery until Sunday, October 5.