The Jollybod's wild and windy summer sail from Dunwich | Photos

Seventeen vessels braved wild and windy conditions to take part in The Jollybod summer boat race from Straddie on Sunday.

The sail and paddle powered boats set sail from Dunwich and headed towards Peel Island.

Organiser Stephen ‘Captain Blaggard’ Barwell said it was a terrific race for the “heroic” participants.

“The conditions were really wild with one metre high waves,” he said.

The fun biannual race is based on a course of about 8km.

Joint race winners, ‘Rocket’ Robin Wilson and ‘Mozzie’, were presented with ‘The Astonishing Trophy of The JollyBod’.

The trophy increases in size every year as a piece of wood bearing the name of the winning vessel is added after each race.

Overall and division winners were awarded with stamped pewter dogtags.

The sixth Jollybod is expected to be held on July 24.