Capalaba political battle lines drawn

CANDIDATE: Cameron Leafe ... standing for the LNP in the seat of Capalaba.

CANDIDATE: Cameron Leafe ... standing for the LNP in the seat of Capalaba.

CAPALABA local Cameron Leafe has been preselected to contest the state seat of Capalaba for the LNP.

The seat is held by Don Brown for the Labor Party.

Mr Leafe, 25, a self employed software developer, said he had lived at Capalaba all his life which had given him a good handle on local issues.

"I prefer to get out there and talk to as many people as I can,'' he said.

As to whether he would fight his campaign on local or state issues, he said he did not see a distinction between them.

"It's about being the best advocate you can be,'' he said.

An LNP member since 2011, he said he was a good listener and would take up issues for locals at any level of government.

“We need to create more jobs and reduce drug related crime in our community,” Mr Leafe said.

“We need a government that will get things done – not just talk.

“One of the challenges we face is lifting our numeracy and literacy levels. I’ll be working hard  with the local community to implement programs that meet our community’s needs.”

Mr Leafe said he also was keen to take up transport issues, especially relating to roads leading from Brisbane to Capalaba.

“We don’t have a strong voice taking the fight up to the state government to get these roads fixed and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve committed to running,'' he said.

“Many residents commute to work and we need to improve the standard of our roads as well as ease congestion.”

The preselection will see Mr Leafe pitted against Mr Brown, a scientist, lawyer and union official who lives at Alexandra Hills.

Mr Leafe said he had no idea when the state election might be called. “I expect there’s only one person who knows the answer to that,’’ he said.