Gail Kelly tells all

LUNCH: Grace Kelly talks about life as a CEO at the Grand View on July 27.  Photo: Tim Bauer

LUNCH: Grace Kelly talks about life as a CEO at the Grand View on July 27. Photo: Tim Bauer

In October 2008, five weeks after the fall of Lehman Brothers, a small group of banking chief executive officers from around the world gathered together.

The global financial system was in crisis. Equity markets had plummeted. Credit markets were in lockdown. The fear and panic that had gripped Wall Street on the day Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy sent shockwaves around the world.

Gail Kelly was the Australian CEO at the table.

“I asked myself the question: Do I have what it takes to do this? I realised that I would need to draw on every life and leadership lesson of my journey so far. I would need to dig deep and back myself. It would be essential to keep learning. Little did I know that some of my biggest lessons on how to live and lead were yet to come,” she said.

Throughout her the former CEO of Westpac and mother of four, has become renowned globally as one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring business leaders.

Now for the first time she shares some of the secrets to her success in her publishing debut Live Lead Learn.

“This is not a memoir or a self-help book. It is not an academic textbook. To the contrary, it is intensely practical. I use my own stories and experience, personal and business, to bring the lessons and key themes to life.” she said.

While Ms Kelly is candid about her personal journey from teaching Latin to schoolboys in Rhodesia to running one of Australia’s big four banks, she is also passionate about helping others achieve their own personal success. 

The insights and experiences Gail shares from her own life will benefit anyone interested in succeeding as a leader and living a happier life.

In Live Lead Learn Gail emphasises how both companies and individuals thrive when you understand the importance of achieving balance across your life, and she provides valuable insight into how best to adjust our expectations and work habits to sensibly, and sanely, achieve this.

The book is a must-read for any current and future business leaders interested in the importance of diversity, delivering results, and the true spirit of helping others. Ms Kelly discusses the need to love what you do, and most importantly, place your family above all things.

Ms Kelly will speak about these insights at a literary lunch being held at the Grand View Hotel from noon on Thursday, July 27. The cost is $45 pp (GV members $40) which includes a two-course meal. Book on 3884 3000 or

The book is available through Viking, RRP $35 from July 31.