See photos from Wellington Point High School's athletics carnival

WELLINGTON Point State High School students raised a sweat at the school’s athletic carnival last Thursday, July 13.

The hard yards put in by students in the sprint, discus, javelin, shot-put and jump events were eased thanks to team support.

Principal Dr Robyn Burton-Ree said the day was enjoyed by all who competed and who wore bright costumes.

“(The) Athletics Carnival was a positive, friendly and united day, showcasing our school’s inclusive culture and demonstrating why we are considered Redlands’ high school of choice,” she said.

“Well done to all participants and spectators for an excellent day of sportsmanship and fun.”

A school spokesperson said student Reece Holder broke three school records for the boys 15-year-old age bracket. Records set were 5.84 metres for long jump, 12.88 metres for triple jump and 51.89 seconds for the 400 metre sprint.

Cooper Blankenstein also broke two sprint records for boys aged 12.

Cooper crossed the 200 metre finish line at 29.75 seconds and completed the 400 metre sprint in 1 minute and 7.33 seconds.