So It Goes: The authority of the clipboard

No sooner had I been given the clipboard than people immediately started asking me questions.  I may not have been able to answer them all, but the clipboard and an authoritative manner seemed to add credence to all those deflected questions.

Having clutched onto the clipboard for several hours, I discovered that if you walked with purpose and strode about (as opposed to meandering), the authority level notched even higher.

I had volunteered at the recent Redland Eisteddfod and was given the role of convenor for one night of the band section of the competition.  It immediately went to my head.  To me, not only did convenor convey the idea that I was in charge, but my name was at the top of the volunteer list.

I now realise that things aren’t always as they seem.  Clipboard or not, my role was to take the various bands to the various rehearsal spaces then get them just before it was their time to perform.  I was dismayed to see that the word “runner” was added beside my job description.  I promptly changed it to “walker”.  It’s been a while since my legs have known any running and I think this muscle memory may have died.

Even with a purposeful walk, my friend and I set a steady pace gliding skilfully into the various rooms to give five minute warnings and such and offer inspiration to all bands performing.  They didn’t need our coaxing.  Pretty much all of them were nothing short of amazing.  Anyone who can play that well probably also has the capacity to find rehearsal rooms by themselves.

In fact most of the band members were clearly old hands at this competition business and told me where they had to go.  I just gestured, then backed this up with an authorative wave of the clipboard in the general direction.

The Redland eisteddod runs on its volunteers and a call out is made for help on an annual basis.  There are people needed as scribes, as announcers, as ticket sellers, to work in the canteen and at the door.  And then there is the role of convenor. Clearly what is required here is someone with stamina and athletic prowess ,and some sort of innate ability to remember just who is where when. Oh and the ability to clutch a clipboard with authority.