So It Goes

She might be the Star of the Week in her Prep class, but she’ll always be a Star of my Life to me.

It ‘s been a long time coming, but we knew that, given the number of children in her class and the number of weeks in the year, her turn would eventually come.

Her current stardom was originally eclipsed by her reaching a planet (or maybe a sun) in the first few weeks of her schooling, but having got to planet/star/sun number one so soon, she was itching to make it all the way in galactic themed merits.

Each week however, we faced a glummer little Prep girl who nevertheless cheerfully announced the newest star, secretly wishing it were her, yet still happy to bask beside the glow of her class mates.  I even heard a parent, while waiting for pick up, speak about that fateful afternoon when her son would announce yet again, that he too had missed out on this coveted position.  It seemed there were many unlit beacons yet to shine in this Prep cosmos.

And then, here it was.  No sooner was she out of the classroom than she  thrust the star of the week certificate towards me.  I knew it was important because it was laminated and covered with an impressive number of stickers.  I barely read it before it was reefed away, bound straight for the kitchen fridge door.  I asked my proud grand daughter if she wanted to phone her mother with the exciting news.

But they had already attended that morning’s assembly where the awards were given. They already had the photos and the video to prove that their star was shining not only the home galaxy but the school galaxy as well.

Our proud little star marched gloriously ahead, waving her coveted certificate, high fiving others in her class and telling anyone who wanted to listen that her moment had come. At the gate, my grand daughter thrust the certificate forward, flourishing it proudly to the teacher on duty.  It must her her regular shift because, whether this teacher wants to hear or not, our grand daughter regularly spills exactly what is on her mind as she walks through. We always walk away from that encounter, my grand daughter unburdened and the teacher perplexed.   This news made them both smile.                      - Linda Muller