On the water column

Caught him: Fisherman Ray Kennedy with a solid bass he managed to catch on a shrimp bait in North Pine Dam. Photo: Supplied
Caught him: Fisherman Ray Kennedy with a solid bass he managed to catch on a shrimp bait in North Pine Dam. Photo: Supplied

Flathead are still dominating catches and the way to find them is to keep moving. Once you catch one, others will be close by.

They often lay around the mouth of small drains and creek mouths on the run out tide waiting for bait washed off the banks and around sunken logs, exposed rocky patches on a sand bottom or broken weed patches.

Mulloway catches have been consistent this past week although once again, not a lot of big fish over 10kg have been caught.

Whiting catches are continuing to improve for keen anglers around south-east Queensland, if they are your species, the time is right to hit the water and start targeting them.

Best results for catching whiting have been in deeper stretches of water in the upper reaches of rivers.

There’s been quite a few tailor being nabbed around estuary waters, most are being caught at first light or sunset and within sight of the Pin Bar or Seaway areas.

The whole Broadwater has been alive with small baitfish size tailor at times.

There’s a few bigger fish down deep once you get past the little fellas so be sure to keep at it and remain patient.

It is the same story at Jumpinpin, the top spot this week was the eastern face of Crusoe Island to the yellow special marker buoy off the north eastern end.

Water races through this area so you need to cast up current with about a two ball sinker and let your bait wash down with the tide for the best results.

Anglers working estuary waters with lures are also having some luck, catching a few trevally and the odd early season jack.

In Moreton Bay, artificial reefs are producing snapper although there’s a lot under 35cm fish mixed in with the keepers.

Your best bet is to fish light, both line class and sinker weight as time of day has not been that critical. Some of the best fish caught this week came through the middle of the day.

Diver whiting are still about although the schools were a little hard to find this week. Top spot was the Amity Banks.

Mackerel were caught in the bay over the weekend. They have been hanging around diver whiting schools.

Offshore, snapper have been best in 85 to 90 metres of water. The 29s and 33s are also producing fish but the overall quality has not been as good.

There’s been some excellent size pearl perch caught this past week. Most of them have come from wire weed patches in deep water of about 100 to 120 metres.