On the water column

Whiting catches are improving every week and this is the time of year we see some really good catches.

GREAT CATCH: Young Eva McPhee with a good-sized mud crab from the Gold Coast canals. Photos: Supplied

GREAT CATCH: Young Eva McPhee with a good-sized mud crab from the Gold Coast canals. Photos: Supplied

Fishing any waterway with bloodworms should see you catch a decent feed.

Mangrove jack have also been a consistent catch over the past few weeks.

Top times to target them are sunrise and sunset but they often get active around a tide change.

Structure is the key. You also need to put your lure or bait in front of them and accurate casting is important if you are to have any luck.

Those trolling lures throughout estuaries have also landed a few trevally and chopper tailor.

Mulloway have been hard to find this week and hot weather has slowed catches.

The key at this time of year is to slow everything down and fish as deep water as you can find.

There’s been a few threadfin caught. Top estuary waters for them has been the Brisbane River and to a lesser extent the Logan River.

There is also a few caught around the mouth of creeks feeding Pumicestone Passage.

There is still plenty of small bull sharks around.

A good technique is to have one bait on the bottom and another one metre under a float.

Murray Puddling

Murray Puddling

There’s been some quality tailor in the surf as all beaches are producing good fish at night for those keen to throw a line in after work.

There were fish of up to nearly six kilos caught off South Stradbroke and plenty of four kilo plus fish on the northern NSW beaches and Noosa to Indian Head.

In Moreton Bay there’s been plenty of school mackerel available to be caught.

Schools have been surfacing on the eastern side of the bay around the Rous, Little Ships Channel and off the bottom of Moreton and the top of the Rainbow Channel.

A few early spotties have been reported in the same areas as well as tuna in the northern Bay and Bribie shipping channels.

The Point Lookout Wave Rider Buoy is back, a new mark four (current direction and speed)  buoy was put out last Tuesday, although it might take a week or two for the dolphinfish find it.

There is still a few snapper around to be caught.

The deeper reefs out to 100m have been the most productive although the current has made it difficult to fish most days.

The southern 29s have produced Venus tuskfish, Moses perch and a even a few pigfish.

You may find an early season pelagic if you are keen.

Have a troll around the headlands or rock outcrops and see how you go.