Love vegetables with hypnotherapy help

MIND BLOCK: A mindset can get in the way of what you eat. For many of it it will centre on certain vegetables.
MIND BLOCK: A mindset can get in the way of what you eat. For many of it it will centre on certain vegetables.

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In a world where everything we do is supposed to be ‘fast’ and ‘instant’, even preparing food has become too tedious and time-consuming for some people.

When you are busy working your 9-to-5 job and you feel like you are spending too much time preparing the food that you are going to eat, the tendency to fall into the trap of ‘instant’ can really pull you away from eating healthy food.

Instant noodles, instant coffee, burger and fries to-go — these are just some of the most common pitfalls that busy people tend to go for.

Although it can’t be blamed that a busy lifestyle has made people more likely to go for instant, fast food instead of spending time preparing a healthy meal, you are losing out on something special if you don’t try to go for healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables.

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Simply put, vegetables are one of those special foods that many people overlook and fail to truly appreciate.

Just like fruits, vegetables contain not too many calories, but they’re packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are perfect for those who are looking to lose weight.

Unlike junk food and instant food that are easy to prepare but contain empty calories, vegetables are packed in essential nutrients but are low in calories — an excellent trade-off if you ask me.

You can go and eat as many vegetables as you like without having to worry about getting fat or gaining too much weight.

You know that improving your diet and taking care of what you eat can improve your overall health, right?

Increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet is a great way to start, but not many people are fond of eating vegetables.

If you are one of those people who have not developed a liking for vegetables, it is important to change your mentality about it today.

Resisting a healthy diet of vegetables is like turning down several opportunities to live longer, stay healthier and lose a few kilos.

If you really love and care about your body and your future health, you should start eating a nutritious diet full of vegetables today.

A hypnotherapy session on really enjoying vegetable eating will help you develop a mindset that promotes eating and loving vegetables.

- Susan Crozier

Clinical hypnotherapist 

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