By the Bay opens for the 36th year

More than 100 people flocked to the Macleay Island Arts Complex for the 36th annual exhibition of By the Bay.

The exhibition featured drawing, paintings, ceramics, mixed media and sculpture by local artists and runs concurrently with a One Size Fits All fund raiser exhibition featuring 25cmx31cm paintings all for sale under $100.

In opening the exhibition, MIAC President Dave Heggie praised the island’s artists who he said had created their own artistic mecca.

”Art can be a stimulating activity, but art on an island is an adventure,” he said.

“The Macleay Island Arts Complex exists to build our community through the arts. We believe an environment built on welcome, harmony and positivity fosters creativity, talent and quality. MIAC is not just a group of buildings, we are a community, a mecca for creativity.”

Calligrapher Ruth Venner said the artists’ collective were simply “super” and had that capacity to “make things work”.

The MIAC Art Gallery, 95-97 Coast Road is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am till 3pm.  The current exhibition will run until mid January 2018.