Annual report shows Redland City Council is in good financial condition

REDLANDS 11 elected local government representatives cost ratepayers $2.2 million to run over the past financial year.

A total of $1.1 million was spent on salaries, with the remainder on expenses and support costs.

Redland City Council’s annual report shows mayor Karen Williams earned $168,000 for the year, followed by her deputy Wendy Boglary who was paid $114,930. Councillors earned $99,607 each.

Of the 20 general meetings held in the past financial year, Cr Williams attended 14, with most councillors attending all.

Cr Williams expenses also topped the list, with $15,772, closely followed by first term representative Cr Tracey Huges on $12,428. Expenses include training, telephone and costs for community events. The lowest spending were Cr Murray Elliott, with $2322 and Cr Paul Gleeson on $2795.

The report shows former councillor Craig Ogilvie was ordered to pay $4500 for misuse of council equipment and storage of inappropriate files while Cr Gleeson was reprimanded by Cr Williams for inappropriate conduct.

In terms of performance, council has passed nine out of 11 elective key performance indicators. These include its ability to pay bills and repay debt, its long term financial stability and net financial liabilities ratio.

It failed on its operating surplus ratio and its asset sustainability ratio. The latter refers to the extent to which council is replacing infrastructure and assets.

Council’s total income was $318 million, with the major sources being rates, charges and grants. Its greatest expenditure was on materials and services at $125 million, followed by employee benefits at $84.82 million.

The report shows council owns $2.566 billion in property, plant and equipment. It owes $45.2 million to the Queensland Treasury Corporation.

Council did not take out any new loans in the past year. At times it borrows money from the QTC for what are called inter-generational projects, primarily infrastructure.