Murri women's softball carnival in Ormiston this weekend

Many of 2016 Bindina MT (Lynda Thompson Memorial Team) will be back to run the bases this weekend.
Many of 2016 Bindina MT (Lynda Thompson Memorial Team) will be back to run the bases this weekend.

The fourth annual Murri Women’s Softball Tournament held this weekend at Redland Softball Association fields in Ormiston, aims to bring together families and community through fun and competition.

Since its inception in 2014, the Murri Women’s Softball Tournament has promoted a celebration of softball, family and indigenous women, with women of all ages, levels of softball experience and health status playing in the annual tournament.

Four years strong the social tournament has grown from strength to strength, and this year will see 200 players and officials take part.

Lynda Maybanks, who has played in the Murri Women’s Tournament since 2014 with Bindina MT (Lynda Thompson Memorial Team), knows the importance the tournament has for the community, and encourages all Murri women to be involved.

“The tournament is more about encouraging Murri women to be healthy, and to look after their own fitness and well-being,” she said. 

“The tournament is such a positive supporting environment for our community to get behind.

“It’s great to be able to come together in such a way, and it’s the main reason why the tournament has been embraced so wholeheartedly by everyone.

“It’s not just about being a deadly player or deadly team, but about supporting and celebrating Murri women who are the foundations of our community.”

The Murri Women’s Softball Tournament was born from an historical softball event exclusively for Indigenous women in Queensland, which took place on Stradbroke Island and was held sporadically throughout the 1990’s, and once again in 2012.

This year, 13 teams from interstate and across Queensland will compete in three divisions from competitive to social.

The tournament encourages participation from a group of women who otherwise do not necessarily fit into the traditional softball structure, women who want to play in family groups, not graded by ability levels or club teams.

It also encourages an active lifestyle, and offers physical, mental and social health benefits, while removing barriers to participation such as financial capacity, time restrictions and skill levels.  

Spectators, fans and family members are encouraged to attend, and various kids’ activities will be provided throughout both days..

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