Birthday months are busy times for people with memberships

CARDS: I've got a life and the cards to prove it, making birthday month a busy time.
CARDS: I've got a life and the cards to prove it, making birthday month a busy time.

If it’s your birthday at Sharks Sporting Club, you get $5 off a meal, a free drink and a bottle of wine.  Apparently you even get breakfast deals at the new Sharks club in Cleveland. 

And that’s not counting the discount you get when you pick up your meat at Pattemores.  Gee, on that first purchase alone, you’ve recouped your $3 membership outlay.

There isn’t a block of flats involved, but speaking of such heady discounts at a social gathering where most are aged 60 and above is a gauntlet indeed. The “beat that” implication in the statement is clear.  

And so they did. The wallets opened. There may have been a disappointing lack of cash for most but the bulging area containing cards and old receipts was cleared and the cards came flying out.

Momentarily, the crowd hushed as one amongst us proclaimed a lifetime social membership. Either we were in the presence of a deity of sorts or a very astute business man. It turns out that if you can part with $5, Redland Bay Golf Club will offer you all manner of birthday gifts and discounts at the bar and dining room – yes folks, for life.

There was a Hogs Breath card, always a good one to have among your collection, offering 25 per cent off a meal. Some had paid for the privilege and others had dutifully lined up for stamps on a card, but either way, all agreed this one was a keeper.

Membership of the Redland RSL gives you a discount off a meal and the warm fuzzy that you are part of something bigger. Plus you get to swipe your card at the entry and show off the Happy Birthday message, ideally just as a crowd gathers. There is nothing more satisfying than acting modest as strangers pass on their heartiest birthday greetings.

Spend $6 and get $10 off at Redland Sporting Club and they’ll even send a bus to your place to get you.

I was clearly in the presence of mighty and important people.

No wonder it is becoming difficult to do a birthday catch up with some of my friends. How do they keep up with the hectic social whirl of $10 off here, a free bottle of wine there and ‘happy birthday” messages at the entry. They’ve clearly have a life and the cards to prove it.