Traffic chaos after storms hit Redlands, Logan and Brisbane

POWER might not be restored until late tonight or even tomorrow as Energex crews scramble to repair widespread storm damage from Sunday night.

ALEXANDRA HILLS: A shed wrecked by a falling branch at Alexandra Hills in last night's storms.

ALEXANDRA HILLS: A shed wrecked by a falling branch at Alexandra Hills in last night's storms.

Alexandra Hills was one of the worst hit suburbs, with wide areas still without power this morning after storms bearing winds up to 100km/hr swept through the region.

The blackouts caused traffic chaos, train services to be cancelled and some limited damage.

Storms blacked out large areas, with power outages this morning causing chaos for commuter traffic.

Drivers reported traffic lights out at the intersection of Tilley and Old Cleveland roads, causing major backlogs.

Redlands and Logan were among the hardest hit areas in the storms which swept through south-east Queensland.

An Energex spokesperson said crews would be working in a long list of suburbs to restore power to most homes and businesses by 10pm.

“Sections of these suburbs may have power supplied from a different part of the electricity network and some localised street or individual property power issues may remain, so homes and businesses may continue to be without supply beyond this time,” they said.

More than 100,000 south-east Queensland  homes lost power at the height of the storms which followed a stinker of a day. About 50,000 homes remained without power about 7am.

A Brisbane man was injured when he took a shower during the storm and lightning hit near his home.

Trains on the Gold Coast and Beenleigh lines were delayed due to debris on tracks while some schools are expected to be closed for the day.

Logan and Brisbane were most affected, with more than 55,000 homes in Logan and 32,000 homes in Brisbane losing power as wind gusts approached 100km/h mark.

Nine network reported that more than 400 wires were blown down.