Dog issue on North Stradbroke now a matter of animal welfare

Kangaroos are being mauled to death on North Stradbroke Island.

Kangaroos are being mauled to death on North Stradbroke Island.

KANGAROOS bound along the beach at  Cape Hillsborough near Mackay in north Queensland, making for an idyllic scene to photograph.

Pictures from that beach have been sent around the world and have been the grist for many promotional tourism programs.

At North Stradbroke Island in the Redlands photographs of kangaroos on the beach also have been distributed widely.

But instead of the pictures forming a wholesome narrative about why people might want to come to the Redlands, ours are of animals bloodied, torn and shaking in terror from dog attacks.

Where one set of pictures is used to promote and advertise an area, the other is a matter of shame.

Enough is enough.

Only last year Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Cameron Costello waged a battle, calling for people to look at a ban on dogs and cats on the island because of the damage to wildlife.

He was attacked on social media as was this newspaper for reporting the issue.

Animal owners argued that their rights would be violated by any such move.

Well, how wrong they were.

It is time Redland City Council and the state government got off their backsides and did something about this atrocious situation.

All parties believe that tourism can be a boost for employment on Straddie as it moves out of sand mining.

This has little hope of occurring if wildlife destruction is to be the enduring image that people associate with this great island wilderness.

Locals or visitors who let their dogs roam are simply acting illegally.

Each level of government has plenty of evidence about what is occurring. Although some steps have been taken by Redland City Council and the government, it is clear this is not enough.

Where this policing problem lies is hard to fathom from the outside.

Is it a lack of policing? Is it a lack of political will? Are officers charged with sorting out this problem finding it a little hard to tackle given attacks happen out of hours? Do people not want to upset local sensibilities?

Administrative lethargy might well be the issue. Whatever it is, it has now morphed into an animal welfare issue and bad publicity for Straddie of substantial significance.