Queensland Seniors Week: Prescare’s Sit and Keep Fit gaining traction with residents

PRESCARE Lake Sherrin’s Sit and Keep Fit program has gained more than three times the size with residents taking part to boost their physical and mental wellbeing.

Lifestyle assistant Melinda Rutherford said she wanted to share the achievements of attendees on Queensland Seniors Week.

“I am so proud of the residents and the effort they make each week to better their mobility and fitness levels,” she said.

Ms Rutherford began the program three years ago with the help of physiotherapist Helen Waite.

“A lot of people are now catching on because it is a good program and those who are taking part are having such a fun experience and are enjoying the social aspect,” she said.

“You can see that after the workout they are happy and laughing.”

Ms Rutherford said the exercises focused on movement, balance and muscle memory, which helped those who had dementia.

“Through the exercises that we do, I have noticed they are more positive and it impacts their whole self worth,” she said.

“I have them rolling a pool toy up and down their legs, using stress balls and catching a colourful beach ball with music playing and we also do deep breathing exercises.

“It’s all about doing as much as they can with the most simple exercises making a big difference..it builds happiness.”

Lavinia Taylor who is 101-years-old said she joined the program to keep fit and meet people.

“Before I didn’t know anyone who lived here but now I do – it’s good,” she said.

Ms Taylor said the program challenged her and felt physically stronger the more times she attended.

“I can still do all the exercises and that,” she said.

“You exercise parts of the body you don’t normally use and move all the bones.

“My husband and I used to ride tandem bikes for miles and miles in England...it’s good to know I can still keep active now.”